Surveillance Camera Facts That Will Interest You

Surveillance cameras are very common products we find everywhere around us today. They are installed both in residential and commercial buildings in order to enhance the levels of security. Only authorized persons can get to do the real time monitoring of the activities going on in the building premises. The security benefits of a surveillance system Austin is known to most people. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to know the different phases of development it has gone through to reach the state of what it is today.

Early stages
Though the CCTV cameras use modern technology, they have been in use since 1942. Initially during their early days, their primary purpose was to monitor the launching of the V2 rocket since people cannot get too close to it. In 1962, they were used for public monitoring eventually extending to the banking sector.

Increasing their efficiency
Most property owners imagine that they have completely mitigated the risks of burglary and other undesirable threats to their property and belongings by installing a CCTV camera, studies show that they can help avoid not more than 3% of the actual crimes. For enhancing their efficiency, you must always install additional security equipment. In an average, only about 10% of the houses have security cameras. This is because the rest of the homes either depend on some other security measures or overlook it altogether.

Traffic control
In addition to security purposes, surveillance cameras are also used to monitor traffic. Traffic authorities are seen installing security cameras to monitor the traffic conditions. Today, advanced surveillance systems can help find out the speed of vehicles. If the vehicles are found to exceed the speed limit, they can capture the image of the said vehicle and issue an over-speeding ticket to the owner. They are also used by private GPs companies in order to keep track of the vehicles of their clients to prevent theft.

Remote monitoring
Surveillance cameras are not only used to control thefts and enhance security, they are also installed in homes to monitor the welfare of senior citizens staying at home, supervise the activities of your kids and keep an eye on how your employees work. Hence they can help you to prevent your children from engaging in negative activities and the employees from whiling away their time or engage in undesirable acts. Hence there are far reaching advantages of installing surveillance cameras than what you can actually imagine.

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