What You Must Know About Installing Neighborhood Security Cameras

Installing neighborhood security cameras is a popular security enhancement solution keenly sought after by a lot of property owners. The safety concerns for home and perimeter security is fast increasing these days. Hence we find a sharp increase in the neighborhood camera systems.

Neighborhood security cameras are highly depended on for facilitating actionable defense against criminal threats like home burglaries, property theft, vandalism and many other similar kinds of criminal incidents. The surveillance and security concerns are fast increasing and the number of applications provided by the neighborhood camera systems are also growing phenomenally.

Right from the initial installation, a number of factors must be taken into account while installing neighborhood security cameras so that we get the best out of them in meeting their intended purpose. In fact an unthoughtful installation can falsify the very purpose of installing security cameras. Here are the tips to get the best from neighborhood security cameras when you wish to benefit from CCTV Austin.

Find out the security flaws in the neighborhood
Make a complete survey of the entire area that you plan to monitor with the help of neighborhood security camera system. The most common mistake that most people do is focusing on only high traffic areas and neglecting distant, uncommon and distant parts. Survey the area both under day light and night times so that you can identify the low light areas.

Decide the best locations to install the neighborhood security cameras
For the neighborhood cameras to work best, you must identify the locations that are high enough to give the best vintage possible covering a large area to monitor. In some places, you must place the cameras conspicuously and in some locations you will need to place hidden cameras. Some seasoned criminals can tactfully avoid exposure to prominently placed cameras.

Cover the parks, parking areas and pols adequately
Parks, parking areas and poolside are places where people can leave their valuables. Hence these are areas with high risk for criminal activity. Installing cameras in these areas can also make the residents feel more secure. In case of any security breaches and incidents, these cameras can give the authorities and insurance companies the information they might need.

Best advice on indoor neighborhood cameras
Indoor cameras placed in covered areas must have a minimum of 720 p resolution or higher. They must have motion detection feature that can facilitate night vision recording up to 60 feet. Cameras must be placed at a height not less than 10 feet so that they are not tampered by vandals. Vandal proof dome cameras can be a good option.

Best advice on outdoor neighborhood cameras
Outdoor cameras installed without overhead protection must have a high weatherproof rating. It must come with a hood that will protect the camera from dripping water. It is important to motion-activate these cameras. The ideal resolution for them is 720 P and higher and they must facilitate a clear footage in low light for about 100 feet or more. Also, choose between wired and wireless cameras depending on your situation and needs.

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